A time of reflection and rejuvenation

I hope everyone is embracing this precious time and enjoying each and every moment, the holidays can truly be a special time, I hope it is for you!

As the new year approaches I’m already thinking of what I desire create in the new year and what I need to release, old habits, thoughts, relationships, in assessing the close of this year. I love to close out each year in deep retrospect, thankful for my accomplishments and blessings while creating a clean slate mentally for the new year to come. Part of this ritual for me includes the 10 day cleanse and this year I’d like to invite you to join me, not just for the physical benefits, but for the mental and spiritual as well.

Everyone knows cleansing is beneficial, whether you do it or not, the understanding that it’s good for you is pretty universal. But what most people don’t think about is the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of this process which can be more profound than the physical. I invite you to open you heart and mind to the powerful experience taking a break from food can be, there is no spiritual leader in history that didn’t practice this, there’s a reason why Jesus fasted for 40 days….

So my approach is different this year, I invite you as I always do to a 10 day cleanse, but this year maybe you can think about what addictions, mental and physical, you can cleanse from. Perhaps observing your thoughts and actions when it comes to food, the battle in your mind and personal perceptions that could be keeping you from really creating the health you know you desire and deserve. Maybe you battle an illness that carries a strong emotional piece that needs healing. When we take a break from food we create the space to find nourishment elsewhere, and perhaps it can open our eyes to ways we are trying to find nourishment in things/people/food that are empty of anything life-giving.

So we begin this cleansing of the old while creating the new on January 9th, 2017. No matter what your motivation or goals, I’d love for you to join us and simply allow the space for this to be more than a physical cleanse. Your goals can be weight loss, better sleep, better mental clarity, to maximize your body’s response to workouts, healing digestion, gut health, etc., while also focusing on the powerful healing that can come mentally, emotionally, spiritually. For me, cleansing is a powerful healing experience and I’d love to support you in creating this experience for yourself as well.

Most of you are seasoned cleansers, you know the impact it can have on your body and mind, but maybe you can approach it even differently this year. We have quite the group already formed, there are local groups forming as well as Facebook groups that are offering support and accountability. You can join in on Facebook, create your own group of family and friends, or just use this as a time of private reflection and healing. However you cleanse my thoughts, prayers, love, support and encouragement will be present during this time!

Praying for you a wonderful holiday season!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/10daytransformationalcleanse
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/purelifeteam/
INSTA: Transformationalhealthllc


I’m letting go

Life is ever evolving, always changing, shape-shifting, regenerating, renewing.  Nothing is consistent but the opportunity for growth and there are always opportunities for those on the path of personal growth.

I find myself in a transitional place in my life, truly wanting and needing to let go of old habits, thoughts, objects, ideas, beliefs.  I’ve been in a “cleansing” phase for a while now and it’s time to completely purge, to remove the waste residual so a new phase of allowing and flowing can take over, so there’s space for new growth to be cultivated.  I’m “deep cleaning” to let go of some things that have lingered and need to be released, it’s time.

So I’m writing for myself to myself, this is my first ceremony of release. I’m completely letting go of my negative self talk and body image.   For those that have struggled with this you know that all the people in the world can say positive things about you and how you look but until you accept this at your core it will never become your truth, and this has been my story…until now.  As an Exercise Specialist and Nutritionist for many years I’ve put tremendous pressure on myself to look “perfect” (whatever that looks like) and my internal voice has been less than positive throughout my journey, often downright degrading.  I let go of unhealthy rigidity in my eating habits years ago and have created a much more balanced approach to my own health but this voice still remains.  And quite honestly I’m tired of hearing her.  I know at one time in my life I maintained 12-14% body fat, and I know I’m not close to that right now, but I also know the earlier was during one of the most unhealthy times spiritually, emotionally and mentally in my life, definitely not the energy I want to be taking with me into this next phase of personal growth and development.

So I sit her down, this part of me that has been here way to long, and look at her. I celebrate that part of my journey that needed to experience 19 inch thighs, 6 pack abs and 12% body fat.  I see her for who she was and what she represented, her need to control, to feel valuable, to feel important and accomplished through the eyes of society. I honor her dedication and commitment, even though it was out of balance. I honor this part of my journey, she’s been an intricate part, she’s taught me so much and I’m thankful for her lessons. But she’s no longer needed, her “work” is done. I’m letting her go with love, appreciation and gratitude.  I mourn the joy she has robbed me, the berating of her voice that could sometimes penetrate the core of my being. I mourn the fact that I let her become a permanent guest, that I didn’t kick her out sooner, that her voice was sometimes heard by my daughter. It’s most definitely time to let her go.

My intention moving forward is to learn how to deeply love, nourish, nurture myself.  Fully accepting and embracing myself and all my pieces, and not in the “fluffy” self-love society talks about but in the deep, unconditional, raw, I-see-you-and-love-you-always kind of way. I’m going to be very careful who is allowed to take permanent residence, this phase of my journey requires a deeper authenticity (not perfection), unconditional love, support, embracing, cheering, understanding, rawness.

I’m letting go to create space for the new.


Are you listening?

trust wisdomHelping people learn to LISTEN and understand their body is what I am deeply passionate about. So many people, men and women, are completely disconnected from themselves, they don’t even know their body is talking more or less what it is saying when it does! When the body speaks there is always a physical, emotional, spiritual connection, ALWAYS.

Are your habits, thoughts, daily practices an expression of self-love? Are they an expression of your worthiness to create optimal health for yourself? Are you creating an environment for yourself that allows you to maximize your potential, to be the best version of YOU possible?

Reconnect with yourself, choose to create an intimate relationship with yourself.  Start by just being quiet and LISTENING to what your physical body is telling you, are you struggling with your weight? Are you overwhelmed with life, “running from the tiger” all day and stressed to the max? Do you have the “busy disease”? Are you exhausted, experiencing pain, stagnant in your relationships? PAY ATTENTION!! Live life on PURPOSE, be INTENTIONAL, don’t let life live you.  Your nutrition, thoughts, movement choices, relationship choices, they each matter 100% when it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle.

Live…Love…Be ALIVE!

What’s your affirmation?


Affirmation-palm-logo-1024x1024Today I want to challenge you to become aware of how you speak about yourself and your life. Your words communicate your relationship with yourself and your body. Are you focusing your energy on how strong your body is, it’s ability to heal, it’s ability to allow you to live your passions?

I’m accepting this challenge myself, so often I will say something about myself (or my body) realizing quickly after how disempowering and negative it was and how nurturing that thought can create dis-ease and discord within me.
From our inner dialogue spills our words, the reprogramming towards a more empowered, love-filled, body embracing, intentional life starts on the inside and spills outward. We can become aware of what needs love, attention, reprogramming by the words we speak.
What affirmation can you focus on today that supports you towards a better version of yourself?
My affirmation: Today I affirm the strength of my body, my strong muscular thighs, my shapely defined arms, the stretch marks and softness of my strong core that has carried 2 beautiful children. I am lean and strong and only I have the right and power to judge and love what I see in the mirror every day. I love my body and every day I move, feel and act in alignment with who I AM and radiate love and beauty from this place.
Live, Love…Be ALIVE!

Are you healthy?

selfcareWhen I meet with potential clients I always ask them how they would define health and then to rate their own level of health.  Everyone has their own perception of what healthy is and how that looks in their own life.  I have been in the health and fitness world most of my life and as much as I research and experience personally and professionally, I have never found one path that is perfect for all, we are all unique and our path to health and healing is uniquely our own.  From my own trials, tribulations, personal healing, dogma beliefs and failures, I have come to the conclusion that to define health we must first understand the foundation on which health is built and create our own version from there.

Most people automatically think of “food” when someone asks them about health but real health is a balance and integration of the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.  All these aspects of ourselves combine to create the one unique person we express to the world.  It is my belief that in order to create health we must address the 6 foundational principles: thoughts, breathing, hydration, nutrition, sleep and movement.

THOUGHTSThoughts and emotions are directly related to the health of your body.  There is a strong scientific correlation between the health of your body and the health of your mind and thoughts.  The cells and neurons in your body and brain are nourished by the foods we eat, so low quality food, low quality thoughts.

BREATHING: Deep belly breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which supports healthy digestive and repair processes and opposes the effects of the sympathetic nervous system which is your stress response (running from a tiger). A stressed body is a dis-eased body.

HYDRATION: Being dehydrated only 3% will decrease your level of performance in life and activity by 20%. You should drink half your body weight in ounces a day as a basic guideline.

NUTRITION: You are what you eat! Eat for your biochemistry and lifestyle!body scream

  • Focus on organic foods
  • Consume Grassfed and/or antibiotic & hormone free meats
  • Consume wild fish, never farm raised
  • Each meal should contain the proper protein, fat and carb ratio for your lifestyle needs (everyone is different)
  • Combine vegetables with a fat source (butter, coconut oil, olive oil. Fat DOES NOT make you fat!)
  • Focus on eating as many whole foods as possible consuming very little processed foods (even if organic!). Shop the outside perimeter of the grocery store.
  • Educate yourself on the dangers of GMOs (corn, wheat, soy, canola, etc.)
  • Limit or eliminate gluten intake (bread, pastries, cookies, cakes, crackers, etc)
  • Cook with organic butter or coconut oil, olive oil should only be used at low temperatures and is best at room temperature.
  • If you consume dairy, focus on raw milk cheese and/or organic cream. (Organic Valley) There are many options at Whole Foods.
  • Consume Pastured Eggs
  • Consume fruit that is organic and in season.
  • Consume vegetables that are in season, preferably local.
  • Replace aspartame with stevia, honey or xyitol.
  • Replace low fat items with “regular” version or eliminate completely.
  • Soy products should be completely avoided (GMO!!!).

SLEEP: Sleep 8 hours to balance cortisol and to recover physically and mentally from the day. Optimal sleep schedule is 10:30pm – 6:30am.

Quotation-Anthony-Robbins-discipline-satisfaction-growth-Meetville-Quotes-103180EXERCISE: Exercise to increase growth hormones, posture stability, bone and muscle strength, balance insulin levels, detoxify the body, decrease stress, strengthen immune system.

These are the basic lifestyle principles needed to create a thriving, energetic, passionate life.  Learning to deeply connect and listen to your own body, honoring it’s cues, needs, passions and desires is how one creates true, authentic, genuine health which is nurturing the mind, body and soul. My passion is to support, guide, assist and hold accountable those that truly desire change, either through prevention or healing from a dis-eased place.  What does HEALTH look like for you? Let’s create a healthy world by starting with ourselves!


Do you have a healthy perception of food?

food fuelThe more I discuss what a “healthy lifestyle” looks like with people the more I realize how very far we have strayed from understanding what real, true health is.  We live in a world where the majority of people count calories (still!?!?! This is so 1980s!), think they can workout/go to boot camp/run on the treadmill for an hour to compensate for the crappy food they eat, or that there is one way to eat for everyone (low fat/low sugar/low protein/high protein…). The biggest tragedy of it all is our own intuition, our connection to ourself, our body and it’s voice is being silenced by the voices of the masses, and look what this is doing for us, for our nation. For starters, we have the highest childhood obesity rates in history, highest rate of cancers, heart attacks, diabetes, mental diseases, the list goes on and on and on.  Something isn’t working, and the only place we can start is with ourselves.

There are many misconceptions of food and health, either conscious or subconscious, that are believed as truth (even though they’ve been long proven not to be). These beliefs are ultimately detrimental to your health now and later.  Don’t think that just because you’re skinny or have no issues at this point in your life that you can continue to abuse your body and get away with it, your unhealthy habits will eventually catch up with you.  I hear it all day long from my clients, they hit a breaking point in their health and now have no idea how to reverse what they created. So I offer a challenge to change your perception of food.

New perception: food is life-giving or life-depleting.  It’s really pretty simple, your body is made with the foods you consume, the food being life-giving or life-depleting. Every cell in your body is programmed by the foods you eat, regenerating every 7 years. Healthy cells create a healthy body, about 80% of your gene expression is determined by how you eat. Processed foods, life-depleting. Organic vegetables, fruits, fermented foods/beverages, wild organic seafood, healthy fats..these give life, these assist the body in balancing hormones, healthy weight, strong immune system, and most importantly, don’t switch on disease genes in the body.

New perception: Food is fuel. Proper nutrition fuels brain function, creates energy & stamina throughout the day, produces afitness-give-your-body-the-fuel-it-craves healthy metabolism, balanced gut and restful sleep (to name a few). The key is learning the quality and quantity of fuel that is best for YOUR body, to understand your daily requirements based on your lifestyle.  There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet!  I hate the word diet, there’s nothing empowering about being on a diet….it’s all about sustainable lifestyle change that allows you to live life to the fullest!

New perception: Food is something to be enjoyed! So many people relate healthy eating to something akin to eating cardboard every day and this couldn’t be farther from the truth! When you’re healthy you CRAVE life-giving, healthy foods!  Alive foods nourish you mentally, emotionally and physically! I feel like every morning when I drink my greens every cell is my body is having a party!  I LOVE IT!  I love nourishing my body through proper nutrition and it takes GREAT! When your body is alive and nourished through nutrition that’s right for you, this is what your body asks for.

So I’ll end with this, I want you to think differently, to bring awareness to how you nourish yourself every day. Listen to your body and it’s voice (symptoms) and learn how to honor it’s needs. The body follows the lead of the mind so a healthy perception is the first step in creating positive SUSTAINABLE change. Remember, the goal is a healthy LIFESTYLE, not a temporary diet change.  Every choice you make dictates the future state of your health, if you want a long, happy, successful life then understanding how to properly nourish your body is required!

Live…Love…Be Alive!

I’m thankful I learned to listen to my body when I was young

I’m thankful I learned to listen to my body when I was young.  I hate that I learned this through painful illnesses, but the end result is something I’ve grown to deeply appreciate. Being 19 years old and paralyzed by pain isn’t what I would choose for this lesson, but for whatever reason it was, so my choices were to do something with this experience or identify with and become the illnesses.  I chose to connect.

learning-acquired-in-youth-arrests-the-evil-of-old-age-and-if-you-understand-that-old-age-has-wisdom-for-its-foodI’ve written about my journey in previous blogs, I was riddled with health issues starting at 19 that lasted about 10 years. That experience took me down a path of really learning how to listen, developing an intimate relationship with my body, learning it’s voice.  I was desperate to find healing, to create some “normalcy” in my life, so I tried just about anything.  If someone had told me to drink snake oil for healing, I would’ve done it! I spent the first few years listening to everyone that had “advice” for me, including doctors, and after years of no progress I decided to listen to myself, to finally quiet the voices of everyone else and listen to what my body was trying to tell me.

This experience inspired a deeper, intimate relationship with myself. It taught me to love my body (this is on-going!), to know I’m worthy of self care and that creating healthy habits must be a priority.  I learned I can’t give from an empty vessel, I must be intentional to nourish myself so I in turn can nourish those around me. We all know we aren’t very helpful to anyone when we’re ill, and there are no exceptions to this.  If we personally lack health mentally, emotionally and physically we can’t inspire or elevate others either.

I love coaching and guiding people into this relationship, helping them develop an intimate relationship with thquote-we-have-divine-wisdom-in-the-mortal-body-whatever-does-harm-to-the-body-ruins-the-house-of-the-paracelsus-257975emselves, this is how I define a health lifestyle.  It’s never just about food and exercise, it’s never just one aspect but a culmination of it all- mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Its about connecting to our Temple, the only home we were given in this life, the channel through which we experience God and the beautiful world around us.  Creating a healthy lifestyle is personal and unique…and life is experienced with richness and vigor when this connection is nourished and alive!

I’m thankful I connected when I was young, but no matter what, it’s never to late.

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